The Insiders Guide to the Best Fly Fishing Gifts

Fly rods


How do you decide when trying to choose the best fly fishing gifts? It can be overwhelming but we think it’s much easier than you may think. Ask yourself a few questions. What does the angler have? What do they need? What do they really want? If you can answer any of these question then it will make it easier when picking out a great gift for that angler.

Let’s take a look. If you know that the person you are buying a gift for doesn’t have anything but wants to get started fly fishing then a fly fishing rod and reel combo is the perfect gift. I know what you’re thinking i can’t afford a thousand dollars for a rod and reel and that’s exactly why some of the best manufactures out there offer affordable ways to get anglers, of all types and ages, out on the water fishing. . There are great rod and reel combo packages available that are very affordable and will do the job for anyone getting started fly fishing. If you stick with reputable companies, like Orvis and Redington there are great beginner outfits that won’t break the bank. Check these out.

Gifts for the angler just starting out

Fly rods

Orvis Encounter. This is a fantastic combo kit for the price at around $170.00 it comes with
4 piece Orvis Encounter fly rod (9’ – 5 weight)
Orvis Encounter Reel
Fly line, backing and leader
Rod and reel case
Redington Topo. This is also a great package for about $200.00 it comes with
4 piece Redington Topo fly rod (9’ – 5 weight)
Crosswater reel
Rio Gold fly line and backing
Spool of Rio tippet material
Line nippers
Fly box with six flies
Rod and reel case
1 year warranty

Orvis Clearwater. An amazing rod and reel combo for the money, around $300.00, this one could last for years to come. It comes with
4 piece Orvis Clearwater rod (9’ – 5 weight)
Orvis Clearwater fly reel
Orvis Clearwater fly line, backing and tapered leader
Orvis Cordura rod tube
Orvis 25 year guarantee


Wow those are great prices for what you get! And think about how excited someone would be to get such a gift. We have checked these out and although you may think they are inexpensive, they really deliver. Check out our Rod and Reel Combo page for more information.

Gifts that anglers need

Wading Boots

Now if the angler already has their rod and reel what they may need is good pair of wading boots. Wading boots can be a little expensive that’s why we would suggest the Korkers BuckSkin wading boot. This boot has interchangeable soles that really make it two boots in one. Different soles are important when the fishing conditions change or even if you change from fishing in a boat to wade fishing in a river.

Korkers BuckSkin boots for around $150.00 are a great value. This boot is comfortable and lightweight, it’s made of hydrophobic material which helps the boot dry faster. The boot comes with two interchangeable soles, and the cool thing is they offer six additional soles for the same boot, that is pretty awesome. If you think about it it’s like six boots in one.

Another gift that any angler may need is a pair of waders. Waders get you in the water earlier and help you stay longer. You don’t have to spend an entire paycheck for a good pair of waders either. You want a breathable gore tex or nylon wader that is at least a three layer construction. A one hundred dollar bill will get you fishing and could be a wader that will last for a while.

If you are on a budget we like the Hodgeman H3 chest wader. For around $100.00 this is a great gift that will help the angler get on the water in comfort and keep them warm. Its definitely an entry level wader, built with three layer, waterproof and breathable material it is a wader that will last until it’s time to upgrade. Lets face it for $100.00 we can’t expect them to last forever.

We also like the Orvis Encounter chest wader for around $170.00. This wader is a step up from the H3, it’s made of a four layer nylon shell that is breathable and comfortable. This stylish wader comes with lots of extras, hand warmer pocket, zippered chest storage, lower leg protection, wading belt and more. This wader will get you on the water for years to come.

Gifts that any angler wants

Fishing accessories

Fly fishing go bag. Usually a waterproof duffle bag that holds all of the anglers fishing gear. Perfect for someone who likes to keep things in their place, neat, nice and dry, ready to go.  We like the Offshore Dry Bagz, these bags are waterproof, well made and come with a lifetime exchange policy.

Fishing jacket. A must have for the person who doesn’t mind a little rain or cold. Some of the best fishing days have been realized in a little rain. It’s always nice to have a good jacket on hand and Frogg Togg has hit the mark with their Cascades Wading Jacket. This jacket was made for fishing. Lots of pockets for your stuff, comfortable and waterproof.

Wading pants. Wading pants are a fantastic alternative when the weather just isn’t that cold but cold enough to warrant waders during the cooler mornings or evenings. Wading pants are more of a luxury that any angler would love to have. They are just more comfortable and because they only go to the waist, they just keep you cooler than a chest wader. Take a look at the Redington Palix River Pants, these are just cool to have.

Fishing net. A good fishing net helps when landing those big fish. Just remember it’s important to choose a soft rubber or nylon net, this is important because it will help protect the fish. Fish have a delicate protective coating that can be removed without proper netting or handling. We don’t really think it much matters between a wood or aluminum handle it’s really the net that is important.

Remember when trying to choose the best fly fishing gifts think about what the angler has, what they need or what they want. If you do that you can’t go wrong.



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