Orvis Clearwater Fly Fishing Combo Kits Review

Orvis Clearwater rod

Why do fly fishing rod manufacturers offer fly fishing combo kits? What are fly fishing combo kits and who are they best suited for? Well let’s take a look. Manufactures mainly, offer combo kits to get beginners into fly fishing. Orvis, for example, will pair a rod a reel and fly line that works well together and market it at a great price. This also takes the guess work out of pairing rod, reel and fly line together which can be confusing to a newbie.

These packages usually come with a rod a reel, fly line, backing and sometimes extras like leader, flies, floatant, line nippers etc. In the beginning these packages were made specifically for beginners but now they are available not only for beginners but also for intermediate to seasoned anglers

Some people think that a combo is made up with substandard products but we disagree. Just think about it, well known rod builders want you coming back so it makes sense to get it right the first time. Most anglers acquire an arsenal of rods and reels so it makes sense


The Orvis Clearwater Fly Fishing Combo (9’ 5 weight)

First of all Orvis has been around for over 150 years, they are very well known in the fly fishing industry with their quality fishing gear and apparel. Orvis understands what it means to offer quality products at an affordable price. For this review we are just using the 9’ 5 weight rod with the reel and 5 weight, weight forward fly line that comes with this package. We should note that this package is offered in all types of sizes and weights.

Orvis Clearwater rod

This Combo Comes With

  • Four piece 3 ¼ oz rod (This rod does come in sizes to accommodate every angler)
  • Clearwater LA II reel
  • Weight forward Clearwater floating line (5 weight) and Dacron backing
  • Coudura rod case
  • Backed by Orvis 25 year guarantee


Orvis did it right for the price, everything you get with this combo kit is quality. It’s hard to get excited about spending $300.00 but you should because the price is right and the quality is there. The rod is a medium fast but it really borders on the faster side. This is a well rounded  rod that casts extremely well. We really like the medium to fast action which helps casting with power easy but it does not give up accuracy, control or feel. This rod is for real folks, it could be a rod you may not outgrow. The Clearwater LA II reel is awesome, it has a large arbor that makes retrieval easier and faster. This reel is solid and smooth.

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What’s to like?

  • Quality, quality, quality
  • Although this is a great rod for a beginner it’s much more than a entry level rod
  • Both the rod and reel are made to last
  • 25 year guarantee (Make sure you register your product with Orvis you don’t have to purchase directly from Orvis to register or get the guarantee)

What’s not to like?

  • Not much not to like. I guess Orvis could have thrown in a leader or a couple flies



You can’t go wrong with this outfit. For the money we think this could be a rod and reel that could last for years to come. Not only is this a fantastic setup for beginners and intermediates but we could see how seasoned anglers would benefit too (makes a great back up). If you are serious about fly fishing this could be the combo kit for you. Take advantage of this great offer while it lasts.


On another note

This package comes in all sizes and weights. If you are beginner, of smaller stature or a teenager, the 8.5’ 4 weight or 5 weight rod may be the better option. The shorter rod could make it a little easier to learn how to cast. The best all around rod is the 9’ 5 weight rod and we recommend this for beginners as well as intermediate anglers. This rod is perfect for all types of rivers, streams and lakes. This package is so versatile that if you are looking for a good streamer rod, like a 9’ 6 weight, then that option is available as well.

Fly fishing is fun and is a great sport, it is also a great way to get outside and enjoy nature. As always make sure you are prepared on any fishing trip. Make sure you have the essentials, plenty of water, a rain jacket and maybe some first aid supplies. Just be safe. Its also important to have eye protection anytime you’re around fishing. There are some nice polarized sunglasses out there with side guards that do a great job protecting those precious eyes.

We hope you enjoyed this review of Orvis Clearwater fly fishing combo kits. Please fill free to leave any comments or questions.



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