Korkers Wading Boots

Korkers buckskin wading boots


Korkers wading boots have changed the way we think about wading boots with their innovative OmniTrax Interchangeable

Korkers buckskin wading boots

Sole System, that’s right I said interchangeable soles. Do you often wonder if you purchased the correct boot? Do you say to yourself should I have got the rubber soles rather than the felt? Do you have boots that accept studs or spikes but get so excited to get on the river that you decide not to attach them, then regret your decision when you hook a great fish but can’t get your footing when you need it the most? Well Korkers wading boots have changed the wading game with their interchangeable soles system. No matter what type of sole you may need for a particular river that day Korkers has you covered.

With all of the different types of wading conditions out there Korkers has noticed that one soul or boot bottom just doesn’t make sense anymore. Instead of purchasing multiple wading boots, with different soles, why not have one boot with a handful of different soles, hmm good idea. That’s why they came up with their interchangeable sole system.

This sole system is a cool idea and makes a lot of sense. Korkers offers nine different interchangeable soles.

  • Felt Sole
  • Studded Felt Sole
  • Kling-On Sticky Sole
  • Studded Kling-On Sticky Sole
  • Vibram Idrogrip
  • Studded Vibram Idrogrip
  • Studded Rubber Sole
  • Svelte II Sole
  • Alumatrax Sole

The Felt is old school and is one of the best soles to prevent slipping while walking in a slippery river bottom. Felt with studs make a fantastic combo in extremely slippery conditions. However, some states have banned felt bottoms due to the invasive species that attach to the felt and can be transferred to other bodies of water. The Kling-on sticky and studded sole are a basic rubber boot bottom. The Vibram and studded Vibram sole is made of high quality rubber. The studded rubber sole is just what it sounds like, rubber sole with aggressive studs. The Svelte II sole is kind of a synthetic felt, I think this is cool, it’s not as good as felt but it’s real close. The Alumatrax sole is a rubber bottom with aluminum bars attached, very aggressive sole.

Korkers wading boots with the OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System is such a great idea and it makes sense for the angler who likes to fish multiple types of conditions. Just to be able to adapt and customize your traction needs simply and without having to purchase multiple boots is a game changer. Click here to see more about Korkers wading boots.



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