How in the world can anyone afford to start fly fishing?



This begs the question. Who was the person who created fly fishing? It certainly wasn’t the go into debtfishing gear guy? Why does it seem like the “fishing experts” want you to spend a billion dollars just to get started? Well you can if you want but i wouldn’t. If you think about it, the creation of fly fishing had to have began with a stick and some string. So how is it now that the “fishing experts” say that as a starter member of the “elite” fly fishing community you must spend a billion $ as beginner just to get going? Well you don’t.

Fly fishing is fun yo and it’s for everyone and it certainly doesn’t require that you break the bank, take out a loan or borrow from your grandparents to get out on the water and catch some fish. Take it from someone who used to sneak into his roomates room and “barrow” his fly fishing gear for the day or maybe a weekend or maybe a week, nothing has ever been proven, that if you just take a look at what’s out there and get an understanding of exactly what is needed to start you will find that it’s a lot more simpler than you might think.

Here is how I MacGyvered my way into fly fishing, which for the record, I think is the most amazing way to macgyverenjoy the great outdoors whether it’s with your family, your friends or just you. Ok let’s get started, check this out. As a young boy, well a college student, that’s young rite? I was basically dragged by my roommate to go out with him and try this fly fishing thing. I don’t know how he new it but after only one day i was hooked, see what i did there, and after i got tired of stealing, I meen “borrowing” my roommate’s fly gear, all I could think about was how I was going to get my own gear so I could fish whenever I wanted. I started demoing fly rods, letting the fly shop’s believe that i was interested in purchasing their high end equipment. I bought a cheap fanny pack that held all of my flies, tippet and line nippers, believe me it was nothing like what is out there today. I stole some thick wool socks from my father and an old pair of his work boots for wading. This how I got started fishing as a broke college student who just wanted to fish and get outdoors.

The point of this article is to show how with a little research and some investigation you can get into this great sport on a budget. Here is what i would do. Start with a fly rod and reel combo or a fly rod and reel kit. This is what I started with, you can spend between $200.00 to $500.00 for an awesome fly fishing starter kit that you can use and decide how much more you want to grow in this sport. Then get some nice wading boots and finish it off with waders and all the cool accessories that come with this sport. These don’t have to be purchased all at once, take your time and make sure this is something that you want to do and or explore.

My guide to fly fishing equipment for beginning fly fishing

  1. Rod and reel combo kit / package
  2. •Wading boots
  3. Waders, make sure they are breathable
  4. Accessories, this is where it gets fun
  5. •Enjoy your surroundings and have fun with you family and buddies

I love fly fishing and I hope if you decide to get involved in this amazing adventure that you will enjoy the journey. Take your time and remember that you dont have to spend a billion just to have a great time.

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