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Orvis Encounter

Fly fishing combos for beginners are a great way to get started fishing. A good package usually comes with a rod a reel and fly line and fly line backing. Some packages also include a rod case, leader and sometimes flies and or line nippers.

When I first started fly fishing, over thirty years ago, I got some great advice from my local fly shop owner who suggested that I look at fly fishing rod and reel combos. Well I did, I purchased and It was the best decision I ever made. I have always appreciated that the owner didn’t try to sale me something I didn’t need at that time. I purchased an 8.6′ -5 weight rod and reel combo that I still have to this day and still use from time to time. I have always wanted to let the beginners know that they don’t have to spend a ton of money just to get started in this great sport. I think the most versatile and all around rod is a 8.5′ or 9′ -5 weight. (The weight is simply the weight of the line the rod builder suggest to use with each rod). View the following article for more info. Fly rod sizes, line weights

With that said, after a ton of research and a lot of trial and error, we were highly impressed with the following fly fishing packages. The Encounter package from Orvis. The Topo from Redington. The Clearwater from Orvis and the Pulse from Sage. All three of these packages have their advantages and don’t discriminate between men, women, kids or teenagers.

It is important when purchasing any fishing equipment to make sure you register that equipment with the manufacture. This will help with any warranties that the manufacturer will have regarding that product. It will not matter where you purchased the product, just that you register it with the manufacturer.

Redington Crosswater Combo

Fly rod outfits
This is a new combo package from Redington that is sure to make any new fly fisher extremely happy about the value ​and for an amazing price Its hard to pass up. Redington Is well-known for quality fishing products and for a flyfishing starter kit this is an amazing set up.

This rod is made for the beginner angler. The medium – fast action rod is made out of graphite and is perfect for new comers to the flyfishing game. What is medium – fast action? Well it’s all about the flexibility of the fly rod. (Our flyfishing rod and reel combos blog has a great video that further explains rod action).

Redington raised the bar with flyfishing combos by offering a 2- piece or 4- piece rod with rod lengths and weights for every angler. We recommend choosing the 8’6″ – 5 weight 2-piece or the 9’0″ – 5 weight 4-piece for the flyfishing beginner.

The Crosswater combo also comes with a Crosswater reel pre-spooled with RIO Maninstream® WF fly line, backing, outfit leader and cordura rod tube.

Another great feature is the Redington one year warranty.

The bottom line is for the first time fly fisher this is an amazing flyfishing combo kit and is versatile for all anglers that want to get started. Yes the price is shallow but is well worth the $. Take advantage of this great opportunity if you want to get started flyfishing. Check it out here.

Orvis Encounter

Orvis encounter combo kit
Orvis encounter

The Encounter package is an amazing value for the price  and I can tell you that for the beginner, who is not quite sure if this is something you want to commit to, its all you need to get started. I would say that this is not just an entry level fly rod and reel combo its an affordable one that does it all.

This is a good looking rod and feels nice in the hand, the casting action is great, I could easily cast 25+ feet with no problem. The reel is better than I could have imagined. The adjustable drag worked great and the reel was surprisingly smoother than I expected. The fly line is adequate and I only say that because there are certainly better lines available.

I recently floated the Snake River with a good buddy of mine and he wanted to give my Encounter a try because he was looking for a rod for his young son. He is one of the best fisherman I know and after 5 minutes he looked back at me and said “why am I spending thousands of dollars on fly rods when this one casts just as good as mine”.  Needless to say he purchased the Encounter for his son as soon as we got back from our trip.

Bottom line, I would say that this is not just an entry level package. This was built for the seasoned angler but priced for the beginner. I bought this rod combo as a back up but its the one I prefer to use. This does not disappoint.

This package comes with your choice of 8.6′ or 9′ – 5 weight, 9′ or 9.6′ – 6 weight or a 9′ – 8 weight.

I suggest that if you are fishing small to medium large rivers that you go with the 8.6′ – 5 weight rod. If your fishing the medium to larger rivers that you choose the 9′ – 5 weight rod. Either of these rods are the most versatile fly rods for any type of trout fishing on lakes and rivers.

I would only suggest a 9′ or 9.6′ – 6 weight rod if your only going to be fishing lakes. These rods wouldn’t be optimal if you wanted to fish rivers and streams as well.

The 9′ – 8 weight rod I would suggest for fishing the salt water and targeting something like sea bass, sea trout and bone fish.

This package also comes with weight forward floating line, weight forward helps you cast further. Backing and leader. This is about everything you will need to go fishing!! It also comes with a rod case and a reel bag.

The disadvantage to this package is that it is exempt form Orvis’s 25 year guarantee. It does however come with a limited warranty against defects in the original workmanship. This is a nice rod and reel combo, however I wouldn’t expect much from the warranty . Check it out today.

Redington Topo

Redington Topo Fly Rod

This Redington’s fly fishing outfit, for low cost is a nice set up for the beginner. This combo comes with everything you will need to get started fly fishing. The four piece rod is medium fast, which I think is perfect for beginners. The crosswater reel, pre spooled with Rio Mainstream weight forward fly line, is an excellent reel with good mechanics. It also comes with tapered Rio leader, a spool of 5x Rio tippet material, line nippers, rod and reel case, fly box and 6 high floating fly’s. A caddis, hopper, ant, beetle, adams and a blue winged olive. These 6 dry flies are staples, they should be in abundance in your fly box at all times.

I like this package a lot and I love the way this rod casts and feels in my hand. The reel is smooth and I love that it comes with Rio fly line, Rio is a well known and respected name in all fishing lines. This 4 piece rod comes with a 1 year, rod only warranty. This is a great set up for the price and a rod a reel that should last for years to come.

The only down fall is that the rod is only available in two sizes, a 4 weight 9′ or a 5 weight 9′ rod. The 4 weight is great for smaller rivers and streams, while the 5 weight is the perfect all around rod for rivers, steams and lakes. Check it out today.

Orvis Clearwater

Orvis Clearwater combo kit

Obviously this is a step up from the Orvis Encounter combo. What you need to know when considering this package is that although this may be better, don’t let that shy you away from the Encounter. The Encounter is an excellent combo package. This is just better and that is why it costs more.

This is a rod and reel that you may not outgrow. The rod is well rounded and solid with excellent feel. The rods action is medium fast, kind of bordering on fast,  we think this is excellent for the serious beginner. We love the look and feel of this outfit. This is a lightweight rod that casts with power but doesn’t give up accuracy.  The rod definitely delivered, casting with power, control, feel and accuracy both at long range as well as in close quarters.

The Clearwater reel has a large arbor for easier retrieval and is very smooth, this reel performs well.

The entire Clearwater package comes complete with a 4 piece 3 ¼ ounce rod, Clearwater reel, Clearwater weight forward fly line, Dacron backing and a Cordura rod holder. The best part is that it also comes with an Orvis 25 year guarantee. This gives you some piece of mind when purchasing this product.

This is for real folks! A great rod and reel combo that doesn’t skimp on quality, reliability, durability or performance.

The only downside we can see is that  this package doesn’t come with leader, flies and line nippers. I guess Orvis just couldn’t justify adding more for the price of this combo.

This setup is amazing and is perfect for all anglers, men, women and teenagers. If you are a beginner an intermediate or even a seasoned angler you should be excited about this package. Check out this great combo Today.

Make sure to register your purchase with the manufacturer to get all the benefits of the guarantee.

Sage Pulse Outfit

Sage pulse combo

For the angler who is more sure of entering the fly fishing game I highly suggest the Sage Pulse Package. One of the most attractive things about this package is that Sage has an unconditional lifetime warranty on all their fly rods. The Sage warranty is no joke either, I have sent more than a few of my Sage rod’s back to them and it was replaced no questions asked. What an amazing feeling to know that your rod is backed by this warranty.  (Make sure you register your product with Sage) . This is the type of rod you could have for years, if not a lifetime.

Sage is one of the most respected names in fly fishing gear and for the price this rod and reel combo delivers. Its a great looking rod and as I was casting it I was trying to compare the difference to my $895.00 rod. Seriously folks it was close, It wasn’t quit as fast as my, fast action, Sage X but for the beginner a medium fast is actually a better way to learn. The Sage 2250 fly reel is good looking, well built and super smooth, no complaints there. Of course the Rio weight forward fly line is a no brainer, Rio has excellent products.

I was super impressed with this affordable fly fishing combo. I truly think that this will be a rod and reel that you will keep as your all around set up for years to come. If I had one concern its that after fishing with this set up you will be “hooked” and you will want to go back for more, but don’t worry we have other fishing gear suggestion.

Although I suggest the 8.6′ or 9′ – 5 weight rod, because they are the most versatile for all types of fishing, you can customize the rod as necessary for your needs.

This USA built fly rod and reel combo comes with the Sage 2200 series reel. Premium Rio Gold weight forward floating line. Rio Dacron backing and Rio tapered leader. Rio products are of some of the highest quality and respected in all of fly fishing. This also comes with a rod and reel case.

So if you’re serious about getting started in fly fishing! Take advantage of these great packages while they last!

Fly fishing gear for beginners wants to make sure you are informed when purchasing your first fly rod and reel. That’s why we have done our research and come up with these outfits that won’t make that first experience your last. We are here to help. Feel free to ask any questions. Check it out here today.

Kids Fishing Rod and Reel Combo’s

Kids have a lot of fun fishing, but if they struggle casting and don’t have success, they can get frustrated and may not want to continue. So, If your kid is pre-teen they may need to start out with a shorter rod that has been designed with them in mind. Most kids, I would say around the age of 9, will be able to handle an 8.5’ to 9’ rod, See this article for more information, However for the kids who are around the age of 6 they may need a setup that will help them cast easier with more accuracy and therefore have better success. With any product there is a lot of junk out there but for under $200.00 you can get a setup that will work just fine until its time to graduate to an 8.5’ or 9’ rod.

The following are a few good options for kids combo kits. However we have not tested any of the products below, this is just for information only. As always please make sure that you and your kid wear appropriate eye protection while fishing.

Redington Minnow Combo

Redington Minnow
Redington Minnow

Redington is a well known name in fly fishing and offer quality fishing gear for all types of anglers.

  • Includes a Minnow fly rod, a Cross water reel pre-spooled with RIO Mainstream® WF fly line and a knotless leader
  • Freshwater, moderate action easy casting, 2-piece, 5/6 weight, 8’ graphite rod targeted for ages 6-12
  • Alignment dots for easy rod setup
  • Includes casting games and cut out targets in the box design
  • 1-year warranty *Rod only

Take a look today…

Echo Geko Fly Fishing Kit

Echo Geko
Echo Geko

Echo has quality rods and they have a lifetime warrantee, which tells me they are serious about their equipment. This kit comes with.

  • Three piece travel design
  • Alignment dots for quick assembly
  • Wild colored EVA extra small diameter full wells handle w/small 2″ long fighting butt
  • Bright yellow gloss blank
  • Hard chrome snake guides
  • Super durable rod design
  • Echo reel

Take a look today…

Fly fishing is fun for all ages, just getting outdoors and embarking on a new adventure, seeing new things in nature and finding that new fishing hole is exciting enough. However, if you are lucky enough to catch and land a nice fish, well that’s a great day that you will talk about for years. Get out there, take your kids and make memories for a lifetime.

If you have a question or comment about fly fishing combos for beginners please leave them bellow.

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