Hitting the banks and making mistakes

fly fishing

Fly fishing the banks means technical casting but that’s what makes it fun! Has this happened to you? Trying to get that perfect cast where you anticipate a fish will be waiting to pounce on your fly. You try to cast your fly inbetween two tree branches and twelve inches away from the bank expecting that if you pull it off there is a hungry fish just waiting to dine on your offering. however you miss your target by a foot and snag on one of the branches you were trying so desperately to avoid. You immediately think, what was I thinking, that was an impossible cast. Then you realize that now you have to try and retrieve your fly and  that your fishing buddies are upset. Upset because not only have you caused everyone else on the boat to stop fishing but retrieving, or trying to retrieve, the fly will no doubt scare all the fish away from that area. This happens to me all the time. I get so caught up in trying to make the perfect cast, as well as over estimating my casting abilities that I sometimes seam to hook, or catch, more trees than fish. That’s what makes fly fishing challenging as well as fun and rewarding as well.  Although it doesn’t always work out, once you do make that perfect cast and put your fly in that impossible place and then your rewarded by a nice fish taking your fly, all the miss haps and tree snags are well worth it.

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