Getting Started With Fly Fishing Gear

So, when I decided to make the leap into the fly fishing world, I bought my first beginning fly fishing  package, fly rod, real, and fly line, I also got a fishing vest. At that point I was committed so, I planned out how to afford all the fly fishing gear I would need. I first purchased wading boots, good boots make all the difference while wading through slippery rivers, and because it was summer I figured that was all I needed. As winter rolled in I soon figured out that If I wanted to keep fishing, and at that time I was hooked, so I researched and purchased some waders. This was a great purchase. It allowed me to continue fishing in the colder weather and I completely enjoyed. Like any hobby, fly fishing is expensive but if you build your inventory slowly you can learn, have a great time and enjoy a great sport. My list of  how to start is as follows.

  • Fly fishing package. Usually consists of, fly rod, real and fly line.
  • Fishing vest or fanny pack. I like the fanny pack, it can hold all of my flies and everything else I need.
  • Wading boots. I suggest a good boot, spend the money, you will be happy  in the long run. I bought my last pair of Simms leather boots 10 years ago.
  • Accessories, as you go to a fly shop or get on line, if your like me you just cant resist all the cool stuff available. I think I have tried everything. Its half the fun but edit your purchases.


3 thoughts on “Getting Started With Fly Fishing Gear”

  1. I have always been interested in fly fishing. When I first heard about it, I thought you were in a plane or helicopter and just fishing like normal… Well I know now and I really want to get into buying a nice rod, reel, line and boots. Can you give me a preference on brand and where I can buy them?

  2. Hello and thanks for sharing, fishing is one of my favorite sport as I have learned it from my dad when I was a kid, My wife, myself along with our children also engage in this activity because it is so much fun. We use fishing lines except for one of my sons that has a fishing. maybe I need to get me on of those also. This gear that you are talking about sounds pretty amazing, maybe I should look into getting me one of these. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Fishing is a great activity for families. I hope you continue to enjoy it with yours.

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