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Fly Rods and Reels

If you are a looking to purchase your first fly rod and reel I would take a good look at fly fishing rod and reelfly fishing rods combos. The one thing you absolutely need to fish is a fly rod and reel, and  If you are a beginner to fly fishing it can be extremely overwhelming to figure out and decide what you will need to get started fishing. It can also be intimidating when you do some research and see that fly rods can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars up to one thousand dollars. Then you have to decide on the length of the rod as well as the line weight you will be using, and if that doesn’t confuse you enough there are different rod actions to choose from, from medium to moderate action to fast action to ultra fast action, to name a few. Are you already overwhelmed and confused   (Click here to learn more about line weights and rod action.)

Ya I was there over thirty years ago and to make it even more difficult I was in school and didn’t have a bunch of cash to throw around at fishing gear. Luckily I had made friends with the crew at the local fly shop and if you have ever been to a quality fly shop, the staff there are usually knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Anyway I asked a bunch a questions and explained my financial situation and my friends at the fly shop kept steering me towards the combo kits. At first I was hesitant, I thought that the combos had to be low quality and I just figured that if I got the combo, I would be back in a year or so to purchase a rod, that was better suited for someone that was now more of a intermediate angler. Well I purchased the combo and couldn’t have been more wrong about my fears. The kit came with a 8.5’ 5 weight rod a good reel with weight forward line and backing. I spent just about $200.00 and fished with it for about 5 years before I decided to purchase something new. The biggest reason I got a new rod was because I started fishing bigger rivers and needed to be able to cast a bit further and wanted a 9’ rod. I still have and sometimes fish with my original 8.5’ rod today.

With that said, If you are a beginner, or even and intermediate, and are looking for something affordable as well as good quality to get started in this great sport of fly fishing take a good look at these fly fishing combos.

Orvis Encounter Combo

Fly rod and reel

The Orvis Encounter package is a fly fishing rod and reel combo that comes with a fly rod, reel, fly line and backing, tippet material a rod case and reel sock. You guys Orvis has been around for over 150 years and is one of the most respected names in fly fishing gear and apparel. The price of this combo kit is around $170.00 and is well worth the price. For the beginner who wants a good fly rod package this could be the one for you. The rod comes in all the popular sizes and line weights and although it probably won’t be your last rod you purchase, this is a fantastic start In your fly fishing journey.

Redington Topo Combo

Redington Topo Fly Rod
Redington Topo

Redington is also a well known name in the fly fishing world. This combo comes with everything you will need to get started fly fishing. The four piece rod is medium fast, which I think is perfect for beginners. The crosswater reel, pre spooled with Rio Mainstream weight forward fly line, is an excellent reel with good mechanics. It also comes with tapered Rio leader, a spool of 5x Rio tippet material, line nippers, rod and reel case, fly box and 6 high floating flies, caddis, hopper, ant, beetle, adams and a blue winged olive. Redington is also a well known name in fly fishing and this is a good combo package for around $200.00. Just look at what you get for that price. On a budget you can easily get started with this combo kit.

Sage Approach Combo

Fly rod and reel

This could be by far the best value out there for someone who really wants to get into fly fishing. The Sage approach comes with a fantastic fly rod the Sage 2200 series reel, premium Rio Gold weight forward floating line, Rio Dacron backing and Rio tapered leader. Rio products are of some of the highest quality and respected in all of fly fishing. This also comes with a rod and reel case. For around $500.00 this could be a rod and reel that you could have for a long, long time. The best part about this combo is that the rod comes with a lifetime guarantee. This is an amazing extra that can not be overlooked if you really want to fish. All of Sage products are amazing and believe me, they are proud of them, so the price of this combo is excellent.

If you really want to get started in fly fishing a good fly fishing rod and reel combo could be the best way to go. Take a good look at these three combos because they can certainly do the trick.

Click here to see more about these fly fishing rod and reel combos.

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