Fly fishing rivers with higher water

fly fishing high water

During spring the water run off increases the flow of most rivers. During this time, not only can fly fishing be more difficult but it also can be very dangerous. Any time you are wading or boating on rivers it is important to be respectful of the water. Its important to understand that currents and eddies may not look, on the surface, as powerful as they are and can be. Especially during spring when rivers can usually be at their highest levels its important to be respectful of the strength and power of fast moving water. When I fish in the spring I like to take some extra fly fishing gear. Whether I’m wet wading or fishing out of a boat I pack a solar blanket, extra waterproof jacket and socks as well as a life jacket, fire starter and maybe some hand warmers. So, if you are fly fishing this spring make sure you respect the water and be prepared for any situation you may get yourself in.

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  1. I love to fish in the spring, it s so much more of a challenge, have you ever found yourself in a situation where you actually needed all that extra stuff? i never even thought of it before, but as I read your post I realised just howrelevant your points are! I guess I should put together a saftey pack like you said, do you have an idea where I might find one assembled already?

    1. I have found myself in many situations like that. The first time we were floating down the warm river, in Idaho, and it was a 70 degree day. A storm started brewing and within 30 minutes the rain was pouring down, the winds picked up so strong we couldn’t keep the boat on the water. We had to pull over and huddle up for over an hr before we could continue. we were so cold all we wanted to do was get to our take out. That was the wake up call. I have been stranded on banks for hrs since, Ive had a friend fall in the water when its below freezing and I have always had the equipment to make it through. Preparedness is my biggest things in any adventure. I always go through the boats and make sure everyone is prepared before anyone starts a trip. I know I don’t have links yet but amazon or any local sports outlet should have what you need. I will put a better list together and put it on my site if you want to check back. Thanks

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