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Nice trout

Fly fishing is a great sport for all, young, old, women, men and kids. A beginner fly fishing combo will help you get out in nature and experience how fun and exciting fishing can be. This sport gets you one on one with nature, this is my favorite part, and lets you enjoy everything that our wonderful planet has to offer.

When you decide to start to get into fly fishing, sometimes its nice to hear about how some of us “old timers” got into this great sport. It is also good to realize that you do not have to spend a ton of money on you first fly fishing rod and reel. Check this out and then visit our recommendations to get a good idea on getting started.

Rainbow trout
Rainbow trout

The beginning of my fly fishing journey started over thirty years ago. When I first stared, just so I could get on the river, I borrowed gear from my father and friends and when it came time to purchase my own rod, real, fly line etc. I turned to my local fly shop. I had been visiting the shop for months purchasing flies, asking questions regarding the local rivers,  like what type of flies should I be using? What’s the best time to fish? What hatches are coming up, etc..

The owner was always great to me and when I told him It was finally time for me to make the investment into the fly fishing world, he was more than helpful. The days of the local fly shop are pretty much gone now and we all look to the internet for helpful advise when making first time purchases.

I will never forget how the owner of that fly shop advised me to purchase a beginner fly fishing package that was versatile for many types of fishing in our area. I liked that It was affordable so in the event that I decided that fly fishing wasn’t for me I wouldn’t regret my purchase. I ended  up purchasing a beginner package, from Sage, that included a 8’5″ rod and reel with fly line and backing for under $300.00. It was actually a fantastic suggestion and a great decision for me. I fished with that package for about five years and only replaced the reel and fly line. Although I have purchased several other rods and reels through out the years, I still have and use that first rod and reel.

When you are at the beginning of your fly fishing adventure it is a great idea to check out the packages, combos or kits out there. Be carful though, not everything is what it seams. We suggest you stick with the reputable companies like Orvis, Redington and Sage. To check out our suggestions for a great beginner fly fishing combo or package, with value, that will work for you click here.

Fly fishing is fun and we are here to help those who need it to make good decisions when looking for fishing gear. If you have a question or comment please leave them below.

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