The Beginning!

Fly fishing is a great sport for all, young, old, women, men and kids. A beginner fly fishing combo will help you get out in nature and experience how fun and exciting fishing can be. This sport gets you one on one with nature, this is my favorite part, and lets you enjoy everything that our wonderful planet has to offer.

When you decide to start to get into fly fishing, sometimes its nice to hear about how some of us “old timers” got into this great sport. It is also good to realize that you do not have to spend a ton of money on you first fly fishing rod and reel. Check this out and then visit our recommendations to get a good idea on getting started.

Rainbow trout
Rainbow trout

The beginning of my fly fishing journey started over thirty years ago. When I first stared, just so I could get on the river, I borrowed gear from my father and friends and when it came time to purchase my own rod, real, fly line etc. I turned to my local fly shop. I had been visiting the shop for months purchasing flies, asking questions regarding the local rivers,  like what type of flies should I be using? What’s the best time to fish? What hatches are coming up, etc..

The owner was always great to me and when I told him It was finally time for me to make the investment into the fly fishing world, he was more than helpful. The days of the local fly shop are pretty much gone now and we all look to the internet for helpful advise when making first time purchases.

I will never forget how the owner of that fly shop advised me to purchase a beginner fly fishing package that was versatile for many types of fishing in our area. I liked that It was affordable so in the event that I decided that fly fishing wasn’t for me I wouldn’t regret my purchase. I ended  up purchasing a beginner package, from Sage, that included a 8’5″ rod and reel with fly line and backing for under $300.00. It was actually a fantastic suggestion and a great decision for me. I fished with that package for about five years and only replaced the reel and fly line. Although I have purchased several other rods and reels through out the years, I still have and use that first rod and reel.

When you are at the beginning of your fly fishing adventure it is a great idea to check out the packages, combos or kits out there. Be carful though, not everything is what it seams. We suggest you stick with the reputable companies like Orvis, Redington and Sage. To check out our suggestions for a great beginner fly fishing combo or package, with value, that will work for you click here.

Fly fishing is fun and we are here to help those who need it to make good decisions when looking for fishing gear. If you have a question or comment please leave them below.

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Types Of Flies For Fly Fishing


Have you ever wondered what fish want to eat and why?  Breaking down what trout want to or have to eat and why. Taking a look at the three types of flies for fly fishing.Flies

Fish need to eat every day, just like us, however fish can’t go to the fridge for a sando when they get hungry. Fish basically are waiting to see what will float their way on that particular day. Anyway, It’s important to understand that fish are food opportunist, they have to eat every day however they know the math of expending energy vs the amount of food they are chasing and whether it’s worth the amount of energy they will spend for that one meal. So basically fish will eat what’s in front of them unless they think that chasing a bigger meal will suit them better.

It’s important to understand the progression of an insect and how it progresses from and infant to and adult. A caddis fly, for example, lay their eggs beneath the surface of the water, the egg then progresses into a larva and then into a pupa as the caddis pupates they will eventually hatch into an adult and then float to the surface (emerger). If they make it all the way to this stage without becoming fish food, the caddis flies away. Unfortunately only to fall back to the surface of the water where the fish are waiting. This is where the fishing term “hatch” comes from. Fish feed on all stages of this life cycle.

Here we go, The 3 Main Types Of Flies

Nymphs Nymphs

Or as my grandfather use to call them wet files, are the larva and the pupa of the flies life cycle. Insects spend the majority of their life cycle underneath the surface of the water and because fish spend about 80% of their time eating below the water’s surface nymphs can be an effective way of fishing.  It’s also important to know that nymphs are in abundance in the river and trout feed primarily on this type of fly.

The way to fish a nymph fly is kind of like fishing with worms, we have all done that right? Because the fly is beneath the water’s surface a strike indicator is normally used to allow the angler to detect a fish strike. Once the indicator reacts then you simply set the hook and wha la you’ve caught yourself a fish. It’s not always quite as easy as that but you get the idea.

Dry fliesDry fly

Fishing with dry flies are fun because dry flies sit on top of the water and the fish has to breach the water’s surface to take the fly. To say the least it is exhilarating to watch a fish com out of the water and go after your presentation or fly.

The way to fish a dry fly is a bit more technical. Dry flies are all about presentation, what does that mean? Well a dry fly needs to look natural, casting is the key, the fly needs to float on the surface of the water just like a real fly. It may sound easy but currents as well as your fly line can make it hard to replicate a natural fly. The key is to try and make the float of your fly go the same speed as anything else that is on the water. If you can do that you have a great chance of watching a nice fish come up to take your fly or as we say it your presentation.


Oh boy streamers, what a fun way to catch or try to catch fish. It’s been said that bigger fish like the streamer. A streamer basically replicates a a leach, minnows, fry, sculpins or other swimming fish food. Fish go after streamers aggressively, it’s a big meal for them and they don’t want it to get away, “ they want it in their belly”, When a fish hits your streamer you know it and then the fight is on. Oh ya, fishing streamers is fun!

The way to fish a steamer is actually quite simple. You want to cast it ¾  of the way upstream and let the current take it downstream, all the while giving it a short or longish tug or at least some type of action. If you get it in the vicinity of a fish well, they have a hard time resisting a somewhat bigger meal and they will definitely try to eat. If you can figure out where the big fish are holding, log jams, rock pockets, back eddies, etc. You can present your streamer and the bigger fish will chase after it. It’s exciting just writing about it!

There you go the Tree main types of flies for fly fishing. The type or kind of nymphs, dries or streamers for your river or area may be specific so it’s best to ask around. Hit up your local fly shop and ask question, talk to local anglers and get their insight. If you just ask, you will find that most folks will gladly give up great information and maybe some well kept secrets.

As always “happy fishing” and check out our site for more quality information, Here.



Best Fishing Waders For The Money

Have you ever wanted to do some fishing but thought it was to cold? Well then a good pair of waders couldWaders be the key to getting you on the water and fishing for that trophy fish, or even just a bunch of nice ones. We would like to break down and compare the best fishing waders for the money, in our opinion, to give you a good idea of what is out there and what price points would be best to fit your fishing needs.

Fishing waders 101

When looking for and deciding on waders we like to think of a few things.

First of all, what is the frequency that you will be fishing, is it once a year, once a month or several times a week. This can make a big difference in regards to what would be the best fit for you.

Second, the conditions you will be fishing in. How cold is it and will you be hiking through dense foliage or treacherous areas?

Third, and of course the most important, the cost that you are willing or able to spend.
If you break it down a little it makes it easier to decide on what is best for you.

After you break that down then the following will help you make the decision of what type and price you are willing to spend a little easier. If this is your first time purchasing then pay attention.

There are many types of waders regarding construction that most don’t know about. Today’s waders are mainly made of either Gor-Tex or nylon, both are great breathable materials but it comes down to the construction, breathability, durability, comfort and cost.

Construction. For a good pair of waders you are going to be looking at a three layer construction. This is usually what most first timers gravitate to and it’s not a bad idea, especially if you are on a budget. A three layer construction will give you some of the protection from the cold that you need but will lack in the durability aspect regarding waders. Three layer will get you fishing for sure but, in our experience, will lend itself to patching and some leaking. That’s not a deal breaker though, because for the price you can put up with a few patches and leaky seams.
The four layer construction, in our opinion, is perfect for all anglers. It’s the middle of the road, although it’s better than the 3 layer but not as good as a 5 layer. It’s a great decision when purchasing a wader. A good 4 layer usually comes with a lot of extras that a three layer misses. Knee and shin guards, lined handwarmers, zippered pockets, built in lanyard, attached wading belt and more. A good 4 layer wader gives you the durability you need with a bunch of upgrades and they really hit the mark.
A five layer is of course the best but you are going to pay for it. We would never tell anyone to shy away from this type of wader but if you think about it you’re going to be shelling out a bunch  of money for something that will be out of date in a couple of years. Their going to make something better, it’s just the way it is folkes, and then you will be going back for more.

Breathability. Unless you plan to purchase the old school neoprene waders don’t worry too much about breathability. In our opinion breathability is innate in today’s technology for both Gore-Tex and nylon waders. We have found that between 3 and 5 layer it really doesn’t make much difference.

Durability. Well this just speaks for itself. The more layers the more durable the product is. However of course you will be paying for it.

Comfort. (big sky fly fishing link) We can’t say that the 3 layer is so much less comfortable than the 4 or 5 layer but for some reason, we guess it’s just how our brains work but the higher the cost the more comfortable you feel.

Cost. Here is how we break it down. If you are a first time angler and are just trying it out? Get the less expensive 3 layer. You’re going to be just fine and you won’t regret spending some cash if it just doesn’t work out. If you are a little more serious, then by all means, take that leap into the 4 layer, the mid range, we think this is all you need in a wader. It has everything you need and let’s face it, you’re really only going to using them about 40% of the time on the water. Ok so let’s talk about the more expensive 5 layer. Ya they are amazing and we love them, they have all the bells and whistles and look way cool. If our budget could afford it ya we would love them but for the $ we are headed towards the medium, it just makes more sense.

Here is how we like to break it down

If you purchase a wader that costs $100.00 and use them 10 times a year and they last 2 years well that’s 50.00 a year. If you buy waders that cost $170.00 and they last 4 years well that’s $42.50 a year and if i buy waders that cost $500.00 and they last 5 years, may last longer but something new will come along, well that’s $100.00 a year. All things are relative but in our mind it make so much more sense to buy the mid and pull about 3 to 5 years out of them and then get the next best thing that comes along, than to break the bank and hope for 10 years and worry about something more exciting coming out.

The bottom line

Get what you are comfortable with. Yes the low end 3 layer waders are cheap and may last a few years but as long as you know what you are getting into who cares. The middle of the road 4 layer waders are a solid investment and seriously if you take care of them they could really last for a long time. We think that the more expensive, the 5 layer, waders are really for the fishing fanatic, someone who fishes every day or someone that can afford anything they want.

Check out our three best recommended

With that said, we have taken our time and done our field research and have come up with our three recommended best fishing waders for the money. Ranked; 3 Layer Hodgeman H3, 4 Layer Orvis Encounter , Hodgman H4 which is a combination of 3 layer and 5 layer and 5 Layer Simms G3. Check them out here





Orvis Encounter Fly Fishing Combo Review

What are fly fishing combos kits and who are they best suited for?  Well let’s take a look. Fly fishing combos, packages or kits are basically a way, for the first time angler, to get everything needed to start fishing in one package.

Orvis fly rod and reel combo

There are many different types available but for the most part a combo is made up of a fly rod, a reel that the manufacturer has picked to complement the rod and the appropriate fly line and backing for the set up.

Some may say that a combo is made up with substandard products but I disagree. If you do some research you will find that, yes there is crap out there but if you know what you’re looking for and stick to the quality manufacturers, you can get a great set up for good price.

The Orvis Encounter Fly Fishing Combo (9’ 5 weight)

First of all Orvis has been around for over 150 years, they are very well known in the fly fishing industry with their quality fishing gear and apparel. Orvis understands what it means to offer quality products at an affordable price.

This Combo Comes With

  • Four piece rod that comes in sizes to accommodate every angler
  • Large arbor Encounter reel
  • Weight forward floating line with backing and a leader
  • Rod case

This an incredible value at $169.00 and for that price it’s an unbelievable entry level fly fishing package. Besides being a good looking rod, most Orvis rods are,  it really does cast well. I also like that it is a four piece and comes with a nice rod case. The reel was decent and was very smooth overall and surprisingly the drag worked better than expected.

What’s to like?

  • The price is right! It is really hard to find a package out there that has what this does for the price
  • It’s a good entry level package that should last a few years
  • It comes with everything needed to get started
  • Its perfect for the young angler who wants to learn how to fly fish

What’s not to like?

  • This rod is exempt from the Orvis 25 year guarantee. However it does come with a limited guarantee.


If you are an entry level angler. If you are on a budget. If you’re just not sure about fly fishing but you want to give it a go, then this could be the package for you. This is a good rod and reel but if you want to continue fishing you will want to upgrade within a few year. However that doesn’t mean you can’t keep this in your arsenal and even pass it down to a youngster.

For more information regarding the Orvis Encounter Combo click here .


Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Fly Rods and Reels

If you are a looking to purchase your first fly rod and reel I would take a good look at fly fishing rod and reelfly fishing rods combos. The one thing you absolutely need to fish is a fly rod and reel, and  If you are a beginner to fly fishing it can be extremely overwhelming to figure out and decide what you will need to get started fishing. It can also be intimidating when you do some research and see that fly rods can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars up to one thousand dollars. Then you have to decide on the length of the rod as well as the line weight you will be using, and if that doesn’t confuse you enough there are different rod actions to choose from, from medium to moderate action to fast action to ultra fast action, to name a few. Are you already overwhelmed and confused   (Click here to learn more about line weights and rod action.)

Ya I was there over thirty years ago and to make it even more difficult I was in school and didn’t have a bunch of cash to throw around at fishing gear. Luckily I had made friends with the crew at the local fly shop and if you have ever been to a quality fly shop, the staff there are usually knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Anyway I asked a bunch a questions and explained my financial situation and my friends at the fly shop kept steering me towards the combo kits. At first I was hesitant, I thought that the combos had to be low quality and I just figured that if I got the combo, I would be back in a year or so to purchase a rod, that was better suited for someone that was now more of a intermediate angler. Well I purchased the combo and couldn’t have been more wrong about my fears. The kit came with a 8.5’ 5 weight rod a good reel with weight forward line and backing. I spent just about $200.00 and fished with it for about 5 years before I decided to purchase something new. The biggest reason I got a new rod was because I started fishing bigger rivers and needed to be able to cast a bit further and wanted a 9’ rod. I still have and sometimes fish with my original 8.5’ rod today.

With that said, If you are a beginner, or even and intermediate, and are looking for something affordable as well as good quality to get started in this great sport of fly fishing take a good look at these fly fishing combos.

Orvis Encounter Combo

Fly rod and reel

The Orvis Encounter package is a fly fishing rod and reel combo that comes with a fly rod, reel, fly line and backing, tippet material a rod case and reel sock. You guys Orvis has been around for over 150 years and is one of the most respected names in fly fishing gear and apparel. The price of this combo kit is around $170.00 and is well worth the price. For the beginner who wants a good fly rod package this could be the one for you. The rod comes in all the popular sizes and line weights and although it probably won’t be your last rod you purchase, this is a fantastic start In your fly fishing journey.

Redington Topo Combo

Redington Topo Fly Rod
Redington Topo

Redington is also a well known name in the fly fishing world. This combo comes with everything you will need to get started fly fishing. The four piece rod is medium fast, which I think is perfect for beginners. The crosswater reel, pre spooled with Rio Mainstream weight forward fly line, is an excellent reel with good mechanics. It also comes with tapered Rio leader, a spool of 5x Rio tippet material, line nippers, rod and reel case, fly box and 6 high floating flies, caddis, hopper, ant, beetle, adams and a blue winged olive. Redington is also a well known name in fly fishing and this is a good combo package for around $200.00. Just look at what you get for that price. On a budget you can easily get started with this combo kit.

Sage Approach Combo

Fly rod and reel

This could be by far the best value out there for someone who really wants to get into fly fishing. The Sage approach comes with a fantastic fly rod the Sage 2200 series reel, premium Rio Gold weight forward floating line, Rio Dacron backing and Rio tapered leader. Rio products are of some of the highest quality and respected in all of fly fishing. This also comes with a rod and reel case. For around $500.00 this could be a rod and reel that you could have for a long, long time. The best part about this combo is that the rod comes with a lifetime guarantee. This is an amazing extra that can not be overlooked if you really want to fish. All of Sage products are amazing and believe me, they are proud of them, so the price of this combo is excellent.

If you really want to get started in fly fishing a good fly fishing rod and reel combo could be the best way to go. Take a good look at these three combos because they can certainly do the trick.

Click here to see more about these fly fishing rod and reel combos.

Feel free to leave a question or comment bellow.


Korkers Wading Boots


Korkers wading boots have changed the way we think about wading boots with their innovative OmniTrax Interchangeable

Korkers buckskin wading boots

Sole System, that’s right I said interchangeable soles. Do you often wonder if you purchased the correct boot? Do you say to yourself should I have got the rubber soles rather than the felt? Do you have boots that accept studs or spikes but get so excited to get on the river that you decide not to attach them, then regret your decision when you hook a great fish but can’t get your footing when you need it the most? Well Korkers wading boots have changed the wading game with their interchangeable soles system. No matter what type of sole you may need for a particular river that day Korkers has you covered.

With all of the different types of wading conditions out there Korkers has noticed that one soul or boot bottom just doesn’t make sense anymore. Instead of purchasing multiple wading boots, with different soles, why not have one boot with a handful of different soles, hmm good idea. That’s why they came up with their interchangeable sole system.

This sole system is a cool idea and makes a lot of sense. Korkers offers nine different interchangeable soles.

  • Felt Sole
  • Studded Felt Sole
  • Kling-On Sticky Sole
  • Studded Kling-On Sticky Sole
  • Vibram Idrogrip
  • Studded Vibram Idrogrip
  • Studded Rubber Sole
  • Svelte II Sole
  • Alumatrax Sole

The Felt is old school and is one of the best soles to prevent slipping while walking in a slippery river bottom. Felt with studs make a fantastic combo in extremely slippery conditions. However, some states have banned felt bottoms due to the invasive species that attach to the felt and can be transferred to other bodies of water. The Kling-on sticky and studded sole are a basic rubber boot bottom. The Vibram and studded Vibram sole is made of high quality rubber. The studded rubber sole is just what it sounds like, rubber sole with aggressive studs. The Svelte II sole is kind of a synthetic felt, I think this is cool, it’s not as good as felt but it’s real close. The Alumatrax sole is a rubber bottom with aluminum bars attached, very aggressive sole.

Korkers wading boots with the OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System is such a great idea and it makes sense for the angler who likes to fish multiple types of conditions. Just to be able to adapt and customize your traction needs simply and without having to purchase multiple boots is a game changer. Click here to see more about Korkers wading boots.



Fly Fishing Basics

Enjoy your surroundingsriver

The first basic rule of fly fishing is just to enjoy all of the amazing surroundings. Whether you’re fishing a lake a stream or a river, take a look around and take in the wonder that is the amazing outdoors. I always think when I am out fishing that I am privileged to be on the water and I am part of the lucky few that are able to enjoy this great sport. Me and my fishing buddies have a saying “It was just nice to get our feet wet” Take advantage of the outdoors and hopefully you will be lucky enough to catch some fish.

Basic equipment needed

Fly fishing equipment can be intimidating at first. All you really need though is a quality rod, reel and fly line, this will get you started fishing, all the other gear will come along as you progress. Its important to remember that you don’t have to buy the most expensive equipment out there but It does need to be quality. Quality gear will help to make casting easier and fishing more enjoyable, Click here for our suggestions about quality rods and reels, fishing is fun, keep it simple and enjoy.

Take advantage of the information out there

It may be obvious, but YouTube has some amazing instructional videos that truly take a lot of the guess work out of basic casting as well as understanding where fish may be holding and waiting for their lunch to float by.

Go to the local fly shop, if you’re lucky enough to have one nearby, I have found that the people that work at fly shops are there because the love to fish and with that they also love to talk about fishing. Make friends and ask questions, you will find that they are happy to help not only about fishing gear but more importantly about what is fishing well and what hatches are going on as well as what fly patterns are working the best. I seriously popped into a fly shop, that I had meant to visit, the other day and ended up spending over an hour talking to the staff. We exchanged knowledge and fishing stories and I left learning something about one of our local river hatches that I wasn’t aware of. I’ve been fishing for over thirty years and am still learning about this great sport.

Practice and repetition

With any sport you need to practice, practice, repeat and practice some more. I suggest going out in the back yard or the park or even a school yard, when the kids are out of school of course, and practice trying to hit a target say twenty to thirty feet away. You will gain confidence as well as understanding about your abilities when you get on that river and are actually casting to a fish.

Don’t get overwhelmed

Remember that fly fishing is not easy but it’s so much fun. There are a lot of moving pieces and parts involved and they are not always the same from day to day. Weather, temperature, water flows, wind, time of day and even the phase of the moon all come into play regarding fish behavior and eating patterns. Do not, I repeat, do not let any of this distract you from a fun day on the water. I’ve tried to study moon phases, hatch charts, temperature and water flow changes through my fishing career and for the life of me I still can’t figure it all out completely. Just enjoy the time on the water whether it’s with you and the family, you and your buddies or just you. Have fun! get your feet wet and make memories. Don’t worry about the small stuff Just enjoy the day, your family and your friends.

Keep these fly fishing basics in mind and you are sure to, not only, have a great time but hopefully catch a nice creel of fish. Keep in mind that fishing doesn’t necessary mean catching, fishing is fishing, it’s not a guarantee. Enjoy the time out there and make some memories, have fun and give respect to the great outdoors.


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For more information check out my friends at take me fishing

Kids fly fishing rods

Fly fishing is fun! We are talking about kids fly fishing rods and what to look for. Taking a kid fly fishing is a great way

Kids fly fishing
Kids fly fishing

to spend a nice day outdoors with a youngster, having some fun, getting kids out there and excited about fishing. Its also about teaching them how to take part in this great sport, as well as helping kids understand and appreciate the great outdoors. I love teaching not only kids, but everyone how to enjoy and respect the outdoors. This includes respecting and reading the river as well as respecting and conserving all of our great wilderness destination areas.

Deciding on kids fly fishing rods doesnt necessarly depend on age. I think of a few factors when recomending what is best for a childs first fly rod. I like to look at the childs height, strength, athleticism and enthusiasm when deciding on what kind of rod is best.

  • Height of the child is important only because of the length of the rods that are out there. For example a 9′ rod will not be very manageable in a young one that is only 3′ tall, its simply too long and just wont be a fun experince trying to figure out how to cast and handle that length of rod. That doesnt mean that there is not a rod out there that any size child can manage. There are all sorts of rods for pre-teens that are the correct size and have a medium action that will provide a good experience for the young beginner.
  • I look at the strength of a child, lets be real, not all kids are on the same strength level. The stronger the child the more aggressive you can be with the length and action of a beginner rod. A stronger child can handle a longer length rod with a medium + action and this rod will last a bit longer through there fishing career.
  • Athleticism is important, obviously, If you have a athletic and coordinated child I would suggest a more aggressive rod that will not also teach them good casting techniques but will last a few more years.
  • Enthusiasm because if you want to get out and fish your going to do much better than if your not enthusiastic about it.

Ok so with that said, I like to start by equating casting to throwing a baseball, think about handing a kid a baseball and having a game of catch. If he or she can throw that baseball twenty to thirty feet with some velocity chances are they will be able to handle casting an 8.5′ to 9′ rods, click here to check out rods and reels, although I like the 8.5′ rod to begin with at that age. (My first rod at the age of 18 was an 8.5′ rod and I still use it today). If the child is pre-teen and just doesn’t have it to handle the 8.5′ to 9′ rods then that’s ok because there are plenty of fly fishing kits for beginners out there for the youngsters that they can hopefully hand down, to a younger angler, when they grow out of it.

So if the child is pre-teen and just cant handle the 8.5′ to 9′ fly rods then there are good kids fly fishing rods out there. Like the Redington minnow kit, this is an 8′ 5 weight rod, perfect for youngsters, that includes a reel, fly line, backing and leader for around $100.00.

Kids fly fishing rods


To see more about kids fly fishing go to

Hitting the banks and making mistakes

Fly fishing the banks means technical casting but that’s what makes it fun! Has this happened to you? Trying to get that perfect cast where you anticipate a fish will be waiting to pounce on your fly. You try to cast your fly inbetween two tree branches and twelve inches away from the bank expecting that if you pull it off there is a hungry fish just waiting to dine on your offering. however you miss your target by a foot and snag on one of the branches you were trying so desperately to avoid. You immediately think, what was I thinking, that was an impossible cast. Then you realize that now you have to try and retrieve your fly and  that your fishing buddies are upset. Upset because not only have you caused everyone else on the boat to stop fishing but retrieving, or trying to retrieve, the fly will no doubt scare all the fish away from that area. This happens to me all the time. I get so caught up in trying to make the perfect cast, as well as over estimating my casting abilities that I sometimes seam to hook, or catch, more trees than fish. That’s what makes fly fishing challenging as well as fun and rewarding as well.  Although it doesn’t always work out, once you do make that perfect cast and put your fly in that impossible place and then your rewarded by a nice fish taking your fly, all the miss haps and tree snags are well worth it.

Fly fishing the Green River below Fontenelle dam

Rainbow trout
Rainbow trout

Although the water is high, there are fish to be caught if you decide to fly fish this tail water of the Green River, in Wyoming, bellow the Fontenelle dam. This time of year can be tough as the rivers are full of water with the sping run off. However, if you are determined you can catch a nice fish like this. You should always be prepared for any adjustment in the weather but if your patient and determined you can have a great day on the water. When the water is high and maybe a little murky, don’t be afraid to use a streamer. Wholly buggers, double bunnies or anything that you like. Don’t be afraid to trail a nymph behind your streamer either, its a great way to attract more bits and if they don’t like the streamer they may like the nymph. Two looks for every cast. The fish are always eating, so even if the water is high or murky as long as you are prepared and carful and you respect the water you can catch amazing fish like this…