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Fly fishing gear for beginners loves the “accessories” part of fly fishing, if you are a gear head like us you know what we mean. There are thousands of cool and exciting accessories out there that we don’t always need but just want to have. Although we only basically show what you probably need, there is so much fun and cool stuff out there to explore.


Sunglasses are the most important accessory you must own. It is extremely important to wear sunglasses while you are fishing, not only to protect your eyes from the sun but to protect your eyes from any casting mishaps, casting mishaps are not cool. I personally know two people that have had the misfortune of getting eye injuries while not wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses are very personal and there are a lot of styles out there. So here is what I suggest.


First of all you should find a pair that have some sort of side guards or a thicker arm, to minimize the chance of a stray hook getting in the side of the glasses. Something like these.

Second, although it is not completely necessary to get polarized lenses, it sure helps a ton while fishing though. Polarized lenses help cut down the suns glare to help you see your fly better on the water and also helps you see below the water’s surface.

Vests and Packs

Here is where we get into the gear head area of fly fishing gear. Personally I have 2 vests, a backpack and a couple fanny packs. I will use different packs depending on what type of fishing I’m doing and for how long. If I’m just going for an afternoon trip for a few hours I’ll toss a couple things in the fanny pack, some line nippers, a spool of tippet material some floatant and a box of flies that I intend to use that Fishing packday.  I also have a dry bag and a duffle bag to store all of my fishing gear. There are so many types of packs and bags out there that it can be overwhelming to decide what is best for you. We suggest staying within your budget but also making sure its versatile for all the fishing your going to be doing. A good middle of the road vest works best when you start out. It should have enough storage for all of the stuff you need for a good day of fishing. Room for fly boxes, tippet material, extra leaders, sunscreen, water bottle, a lanyard for your fishing net, etc. So pick something you like and you should be just fine. Try to pick something that isn’t too bulky though because when you are fishing all day it can get uncomfortable.

Fishing Nets

When picking out a net to help land those monster fish, keep something in mind. Fish have a Fishing netprotective mucus coating on them and some nets are abrasive and actually remove some of that coating when netted. Its important to pick a rubber or a soft vinyl net that is much safer for the fish. Some people like the old school wood framed nets, they sure are cool looking, but any frame will do just fine as long as it has a rubber or soft vinyl net.

Fishing Jacket

A good, waterproof, breathable, functional and store able jacket is essential to all anglers. It is a must to haveFrogg Togg Jacket this gear in your arsenal for obvious reasons. Just remember that those big fish always seem to arrive when the weather turns a bit foul. Frogg Toggs Cascades Sportsman’s wading jacket is a fantastic jacket it’s waterproof, windproof and breathable it includes plenty of exterior pockets, adjustable waistband and a fold away hood. This is a pretty cool jacket. There are a lot of great jackets out there but we think it’s important that it’s comfortable, waterproof and breathable, oh and a hood is nice too.

Duffle bag or “Go Bag”

Every angler loves to keep all their fishing gear together, handy, clean and organized all in one place. That isOffshore dry bagz where a good old waterproof “dry bag” comes in. It sure is nice to keep everything needed to go fishing with in one bag. Its nice to put fly rod and reel, wading boots, waders and all your accessories in one nice bag ready to go. Well that is a Go Bag! Its also nice if its waterproof and washable. Offshore Dry Bagz does this with a lifetime exchange policy. It’s a great bag that has it all, well for a bag that is. Check it out.

Wading pants 

These Redington Palix River Pants are a great value for what you get. The Palix River Pant is made of a 3 layer waterproof, Wading pantsbreathable polyester fabric, that is coated with a DWR coating (durable water repellant). This cool pant also comes with 3mm high density neoprene booties, removable elastic wading belt as well as integrated gravel guards.

These pants are super cool, they are lightweight so you can easily store them in a back pack. They are handy when fishing smaller creeks and rivers, hiking into remote places and just when you don’t want to be bothered with chest waders. I would highly suggest these for the angler who has everything but doesn’t have these cool pants.

Wading Socks

Let’s talk about wet wading socks. Wading socks are not completely necessary, I started out using a good thick pair of wool socks that worked just fine however a good pair of neoprene socks with gravel guards will last much longer than wool and are more comfortable as well they add more insulation during the colder mornings too.

Some other accessories you may need

  • Fly box, to hold all your flies
  • Forceps, to help unhook your huge fish
  • Line nippers, better than using your teeth
  • Tippet material, usually 3x, 4x, 5x and 6x spools
  • Flotant, remember to apply some to your leader as well as your fly.

Fly fishing is fun and so are all of the accessories that are involved in this sport. We hope you enjoy our suggestions. if you have a comment or questions for fly fishing gear for beginners please leave them below. Enjoy!

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