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I first started fly fishing over thirty years ago. As a beginner, I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to make the commitment to spend thousands of dollars just to get started. I had been using my fathers gear and purchasing fly’s, tippet and gink at a local fly shop. After a few months, because I was frequenting the shop so regularly, I became friends with the shop owner. The owner would give me advise on fly’s to use, rivers to fish as well as dates and times that he had good luck with them.

When It came time for me to make a purchase. I reached out to my friend at the fly shop and to my surprise he didn’t point me towards the more expensive rods and reels, he suggested a starter package. The package came with a rod a reel as well as the fly line with backing and they even installed the fly line on the reel and installed a free but section. (Sage discovery package. 9 foot 5 weight)

To this day it has been one of my favorite rods I have ever owned, and if you can believe it I am still in touch with my friend from the fly shop.

As time has gone on I have purchased many rods and reels. Streamer rods, small creek rods, rods just to cast further, rods to help me cut the wind, salt water rods and believe me even rods I wished I hadn’t purchased.

My goal is to help guide beginners in a direction that will help them not only appreciate this great sport but also understand that it doesn’t take thousands of dollars to get started and enjoy what fly fishing has to offer.