Kids fly fishing rods

Fly fishing is fun! We are talking about kids fly fishing rods and what to look for. Taking a kid fly fishing is a great way

Kids fly fishing
Kids fly fishing

to spend a nice day outdoors with a youngster, having some fun, getting kids out there and excited about fishing. Its also about teaching them how to take part in this great sport, as well as helping kids understand and appreciate the great outdoors. I love teaching not only kids, but everyone how to enjoy and respect the outdoors. This includes respecting and reading the river as well as respecting and conserving all of our great wilderness destination areas.

Deciding on kids fly fishing rods doesnt necessarly depend on age. I think of a few factors when recomending what is best for a childs first fly rod. I like to look at the childs height, strength, athleticism and enthusiasm when deciding on what kind of rod is best.

  • Height of the child is important only because of the length of the rods that are out there. For example a 9′ rod will not be very manageable in a young one that is only 3′ tall, its simply too long and just wont be a fun experince trying to figure out how to cast and handle that length of rod. That doesnt mean that there is not a rod out there that any size child can manage. There are all sorts of rods for pre-teens that are the correct size and have a medium action that will provide a good experience for the young beginner.
  • I look at the strength of a child, lets be real, not all kids are on the same strength level. The stronger the child the more aggressive you can be with the length and action of a beginner rod. A stronger child can handle a longer length rod with a medium + action and this rod will last a bit longer through there fishing career.
  • Athleticism is important, obviously, If you have a athletic and coordinated child I would suggest a more aggressive rod that will not also teach them good casting techniques but will last a few more years.
  • Enthusiasm because if you want to get out and fish your going to do much better than if your not enthusiastic about it.

Ok so with that said, I like to start by equating casting to throwing a baseball, think about handing a kid a baseball and having a game of catch. If he or she can throw that baseball twenty to thirty feet with some velocity chances are they will be able to handle casting an 8.5′ to 9′ rods, click here to check out rods and reels, although I like the 8.5′ rod to begin with at that age. (My first rod at the age of 18 was an 8.5′ rod and I still use it today). If the child is pre-teen and just doesn’t have it to handle the 8.5′ to 9′ rods then that’s ok because there are plenty of fly fishing kits for beginners out there for the youngsters that they can hopefully hand down, to a younger angler, when they grow out of it.

So if the child is pre-teen and just cant handle the 8.5′ to 9′ fly rods then there are good kids fly fishing rods out there. Like the Redington minnow kit, this is an 8′ 5 weight rod, perfect for youngsters, that includes a reel, fly line, backing and leader for around $100.00.

Kids fly fishing rods


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