Fly fishing the Green River below Fontenelle dam

Rainbow trout
Rainbow trout

Although the water is high, there are fish to be caught if you decide to fly fish this tail water of the Green River, in Wyoming, bellow the Fontenelle dam. This time of year can be tough as the rivers are full of water with the sping run off. However, if you are determined you can catch a nice fish like this. You should always be prepared for any adjustment in the weather but if your patient and determined you can have a great day on the water. When the water is high and maybe a little murky, don’t be afraid to use a streamer. Wholly buggers, double bunnies or anything that you like. Don’t be afraid to trail a nymph behind your streamer either, its a great way to attract more bits and if they don’t like the streamer they may like the nymph. Two looks for every cast. The fish are always eating, so even if the water is high or murky as long as you are prepared and carful and you respect the water you can catch amazing fish like this…


Rainy days and Sundays always make me want to fly fish

I have had some of my best fly fishing days when its raining. Ill never forget a Sunday on the Duchesne river. That morning as the rain came down a good friend and I debated on driving the 75 minutes to one of our favorite fishing spots, the Duchesne river. Its a medium to small size river east of Salt Lake City. Its also a free flowing river, which means its not regulated by a damn and so its vulnerable to higher flows with run off and large rain storms. Luckily we decided to pack our rain gear and make the drive, its a beautiful drive by the way. As we pulled into one of our favorite access areas. We both had a great feeling about the day. the sky was cloudy to the point that it felt like the cloud ceiling was almost on top of us. After we got all of our fly fishing gear together and put our rain suits on, we made our way down to the river. As we got to the river, the rain subsided, just a bit, and the birds started flying around and I remember saying to my friend, does this seam normal?. Is this a good sign? We soon found out that it was indeed a amazing sign. We had made the choice to battle the suspect weather and found ourselves in the most incredible, and prolific green drake hatches I have ever experienced. Side bar, a green drake hatch is like free crack for fish and birds. Or maybe a better way to say it is, its like telling elementary kids that they can have all the ice cream they can eat in a day. Anyway, as you can imagine the fishing was reeediculous!!! I’m not kidding when I tell you that there were times the birds would attack our flies before they even hit the water. We didn’t catch a bird but we caught an amazing amount of fish. It was one of the most amazing fly fishing experiences of my life. The moral of the story is, just go fishing, you never know what the day is going to bring.

Fly fishing rivers with higher water

During spring the water run off increases the flow of most rivers. During this time, not only can fly fishing be more difficult but it also can be very dangerous. Any time you are wading or boating on rivers it is important to be respectful of the water. Its important to understand that currents and eddies may not look, on the surface, as powerful as they are and can be. Especially during spring when rivers can usually be at their highest levels its important to be respectful of the strength and power of fast moving water. When I fish in the spring I like to take some extra fly fishing gear. Whether I’m wet wading or fishing out of a boat I pack a solar blanket, extra waterproof jacket and socks as well as a life jacket, fire starter and maybe some hand warmers. So, if you are fly fishing this spring make sure you respect the water and be prepared for any situation you may get yourself in.

Spring fly fishing

The run off will begin soon and stream and river fly fishing will be confined to tail waters. This year with our amazing snow totals, it may even be difficult to fly fish these as well. As a good alternative I like to hit the lakes and hit the banks for trout as well as bass. Believe me this can be a hoot! There usually isn’t a hatch so a good streamer or woolly bugger does the trick. Hey its fishing and its fun! Its also a good way to just get out doors and enjoy this amazing season. Fishing is fishing but its exciting to realize that its just around the corner.