Counting down the days of our fly fishing trip to Key West

I cant tell a lie, one of my favorite things about visiting the keys is the


awesome Cuban sandwiches! There is a little place next to where we stay that serves the most amazing Cuban breakfast and lunch sandwiches I think I’ve ever had. Fly fishing in Key West with a Cuban sandwich and cold beer is heaven. Catching fish is cool too.

Rainy Days

Its a rainy day here in Utah and it reminds me of one of my favorite fishing trips. Me, Jerry and Rose, Rose is one of the best fishing

Rose the fly fishing dog

companions in the world, were in Flaming Gorge and as we woke it was a torrential down pour. We decided to skip the commitment of the 5 hour float down the Green river and decided to wet wade the smaller Carter Creek. We all had a blast. It was wet and cold but we didn’t care, we spent about three hours that day walking this 10′ ish wide and 2′ ish deep river taking turns catching 8″ to 12″ trout. We must of both caught 30 fish each! It was amazing and Rose was in heaven running and playing and just being the great dog that she is.

Talk about fly fishing for beginners!

Fly fishing on the salt
Lee with his wrong handed cast

In 30 days I’m off to Key West for another amazing adventure in fly fishing. This will be my third trip to this fantastic place. Although I’m a beginner salt water fisherman, I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I cant wait to see our good friends and amazing fishing guides at Key West Pro Guides.

Seven days in heaven! Cant wait to learn more about fly fishing on the salt water.

Getting Started With Fly Fishing Gear

So, when I decided to make the leap into the fly fishing world, I bought my first beginning fly fishing  package, fly rod, real, and fly line, I also got a fishing vest. At that point I was committed so, I planned out how to afford all the fly fishing gear I would need. I first purchased wading boots, good boots make all the difference while wading through slippery rivers, and because it was summer I figured that was all I needed. As winter rolled in I soon figured out that If I wanted to keep fishing, and at that time I was hooked, so I researched and purchased some waders. This was a great purchase. It allowed me to continue fishing in the colder weather and I completely enjoyed. Like any hobby, fly fishing is expensive but if you build your inventory slowly you can learn, have a great time and enjoy a great sport. My list of  how to start is as follows.

  • Fly fishing package. Usually consists of, fly rod, real and fly line.
  • Fishing vest or fanny pack. I like the fanny pack, it can hold all of my flies and everything else I need.
  • Wading boots. I suggest a good boot, spend the money, you will be happy  in the long run. I bought my last pair of Simms leather boots 10 years ago.
  • Accessories, as you go to a fly shop or get on line, if your like me you just cant resist all the cool stuff available. I think I have tried everything. Its half the fun but edit your purchases.